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Severe-Duty Air Conditioner

The Polar Vortex is a rugged, highly specialized operator's cab air conditioning system that’s built to withstand the demands of round-the-clock use in harsh industrial settings, such as steel mills. The Polar Vortex makes use of components adapted from the heavy-duty trucking industry - every part of the air conditioner has been proven to hold up for millions of miles of on-road use. Polar Vortex was originally developed and proven through 4 years of testing on overhead cranes in some of America's largest steel mills.

Severe-Duty Air Conditioner

• approx 15000 BTU’s cooling capacity

• continuous use capability (24/7/365)

• operates in high humidity (>90%), high dust environment

• ambient temperatures up to 130° F

• no components heavier than 75 lbs.

• operates using atypical power sources, incl. 250VDC

• able to withstand electrical “ripples” and surges (up to 1000 volts)

• unaffected by high vibration/rapid starts and stops

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